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Come join Maya Exploration Center in Peru!

Adventures to the Nazca Lines and a lot more

MEC is leading two different educational tours to the Nazca Lines in 2015
– one in late March and the other in early July. Read below for the
details and click the links for more information.

Midland College TravelCourse to the Nazca Lines – March 27 – April 3, 2015

Lima, Pachacamac, Ica, Paracas, and the Nazca Lines
This week-long adventure will take you to one of the most mysterious
places in the world – the Nazca Lines. Starting in Lima with museum and
inner-city pyramid visits, the group will head south to the Oracle site of
Pachacamac and the Huacachina Oasis near Ica. Going yet further south,
you’ll spend two days in the quaint city of Nazca where you’ll fly over
the Nazca Lines and visit their lesser known Nazca ruins. On the way back
to Lima the course will stop on the coast at Paracas for a boat ride out
to the amazing Ballestras Islands to visit the penguins and sea lions who
live upon them. Back in Lima for a final day, the group will visit the
city’s downtown cathedrals before midnight flights home just in time for

A Special MEC Tour to the Nazca Lines

Lima, Pachacamac, Ica, Paracas, Cahuachi and the Nazca Lines

This one week journey into the southern deserts of Peru is designed for
the people who want to learn about the country, its fascinating ancient
history, and its amazing natural beauty. During the week participants will
visit pyramids in Lima, an oasis in desert, and fly over the mysterious
Nazca Lines. In addition to the Nazca Lines, the group will also fly over
the lesser known Palpa Lines. Visits to the oracle site of Pachacamac, the
Nazca pilgrimage site Cahuachi, the Ica museum containing the famous
elongated skulls, and a boat trip out to visit the penguins and sea lions
of the Ballestras Islands will round out the week. On the final day the
tour will return to Lima in time for a celebratory final dinner in the
Larco Mar complex and late evening flights back to the USA just in time to
celebrate the Fourth of July.

We are pleased to announce a great summer fellowship opportunity for U.S. teachers (K-12) who have an interest in Mexico!

The Wired Humanities Projects at the University of Oregon is organizing and hosting a four-week summer institute, “Mesoamerican Cultures and their Histories: Spotlight on Oaxaca!” in Oaxaca, Mexico, from July 5th through July 31, 2015 (this summer). You can be one of 27 teachers and/or 3 graduate students (who are training to be teachers) to be chosen for this special experience, which comes with a $3300 stipend paid to you from a grant provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The idea is to develop a curriculum unit for your own classroom use and for sharing with other teachers, while also doing readings, hearing presentations, and taking fascinating educational excursions in and around Oaxaca. Oaxaca, with its rich pre-Columbian past, is also special as a place where indigenous cultural survival is especially notable today.

Our four week program includes units on archaeology, ethnohistory (rooted in indigenous-authored manuscripts), ethnobiology, community and urban arts today, and film. You will leave Oaxaca with a passion for the region, its peoples, and their histories. The institute is a unique educational opportunity. Your teaching will be enriched.

Please review our website , which contains all the information you need to apply, and please spread the word among your colleagues.

We also have a Facebook page you can Like!

Deadline for applications is March 2nd!

For questions, we welcome you to contact Stephanie Wood, Director (, or Ronald Lancaster, Master Teacher (

Thank you!
Stephanie Wood, Ph.D.
Latin Americanist historian, and Director, Wired Humanities Projects,
College of Education, University of Oregon

The Olmec World

Cultural Crossroads in Southern Mexico – March 15-22, 2015

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center and Maya Exploration Center have teamed up to offer a very unique travel adventure – a tour through the major cities of the Olmec civilization. Beginning in the incredible Olmec collections of Mexico City’s National Anthropology Museum, this tour will go by land through Veracruz and Tabasco visiting the sites of Cacaxtla, Cholula, Tres Zapotes, San Lorenzo and La Venta. It will end in the southern city of Villahermosa with tours of La Venta Park and the Olmec collections of the CICOM Museum. The tour’s leader will be archaeologist and Olmec expert Dr. David Hixson.

Those who have travelled extensively in Mesoamerica know that tours like this are nearly impossible to find, much less with professional archaeologists at the helm. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the mysterious cities of the Olmec don’t miss this opportunity! It may not come around again for a long time.

And as an added bonus, there’s an optional extension directly after the trip to continue on with Dr. Hixson into the Maya region starting at Palenque and ending in the modern Maya villages of the Chiapas highlands.

For more information, visit Crow Canyon’s website –