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Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is a truly amazing and inspiring Master Yogi from India. His YouTube videos have been a personal inspiration for years. I’ve had the pleasure of attending more than one of his events in the US over the years and have always had a wonderful experience at the very least. Many people have seemingly miraculous experiences around him and during his events, as well as before and after them in fairly high numbers.

He’s been a life long practitioner of various forms of Yoga and studies many ancient scriptures and texts. He’s got a pretty amazing book and other media out there, for those interested. In this video, he explains some about practicing Kriya Yoga and it’s many benefits to people all over the world. It’s the science of controlling the life force energy, also known as Prana or Pran, came to us all from ancient India.

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Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath:

So, I don’t want you to be much in the head, so I’m going to try to shift you to the heart. You can keep your head for the office, and keep your heart for when you truly like to do what you are doing. Because you can intuit the higher realms of your being, by being in the heart. You can intuit the higher realms of your being by being in the heart. This is true.

The science of Kriya Yoga, I will explain to your briefly, is the science of life force control.  The control of the life force energy, which sustains the human body, it is called Prana. The original word is Pran, many of you see, that they have taken the Sanskrit word Prana and called it Pranic healing. Which is originally an Indian technique. It was born in India. It originated in India, and today you shall feel the movement of my Prana as I project and I aware this Prana into each one of you. Depending, according to your receptivity, to the degree of your harmony with me, your tuning in.

So, Kriya Yoga is a simple science of breathing, where by the initial stages you sooth your nerves and calm your mind. After this has been achieved, if you further practice, it gives you a tremendous inner peace. If you further go deeper in the practice, that peace flowers into bliss. And if you still persist year after year, and life after life, in that practice the bliss flowers into the likeness of your own divinity. So when you focus, and when you practice and contemplate on the breath of life. Prana is the breath of life, its not the physical breath but its the life force energy. The breath of life. When you focus on the breath of life in your spine, you tend to evolve steadily the consciousness within you. So you begin to life more and more in consciousness and less and less in your physical body. From your physical body, by the practice of inner quiet. As you quiet your mind, you tend to be more aware of your emotion. As you further practice Kriya Yoga and refine the septenary man that you are you become more and more aware of your mind process. As you keep practicing more and more, you become less conscious of your body and more conscious of your intellect, and as you practice more you become more conscious of your intuition. And the intuition is the tube the transit system from the finite soul to the infinite God. From the finite consciousness to the infinite consciousness the Universal Divinity, which is the true nature of your being. Your physical body is just the tip of the ice berg. And believe you me, by the constant practice of this science – it is not a religion, it is not a creed – it’s non-denominational. It contradicts no religion or creed, it only helps you to do what you already are doing better.

It is said in the ancient scriptures of the East like the Bhagavad Gita, and the Kalki Purana, that those who ingest good health and a lot of sunlight. Those who practice the technique of Kriya Yoga, of bioluminescence, like a plant has photosynthesis, so you dear souls, have the process of bioluminescence. Where by Kriya Yoga you can absorb the light and energy of your body and live a happy life, override the crisis situation and not fall into any mishap or premature accident. Because, the shield of light, the shield of Kriya Yoga, the shield of Surya, that is the sunlight, shall protect you and keep you from harms way.

With this I conclude my talk about Kriya Yoga. If you want to know what Kriya Yoga is in detail, and you would like to see me breathing through your breath and assisting you, you must come in the evenings 7 – 9 when I will be practicing and uniting all of us with the self-same core of breath. So its not only a talk. I’m actually giving it to the reception, to the people who receive, people who are in harmony with me, who are in tune with my thinking, I will give them this experience of Pranapat. Breathing my breath through your breath and there by showing to you that humanity is tied by the self same core of breath through love. It’s high time we experience it. Enough feeling the menu, lets taste the food from 7 – 9. It’s a gourmet I tell you!

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