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Garbage in the Ocean

Waste Barrels on the Ocean Floor

When we think of pollution, most of us have an idea of smoke stacks of energy corporations billowing plumes of dark smoke into the atmosphere, or landfills of garbage piling up to the outer reaches of the sky. Some of us have heard about the “islands of plastic” that are floating through the oceans. But have we thought about the unseen depths of the Earth in which garbage has been piled for who knows how long? I must admit, before watching this video, I had given it little thought.

I found this very cool winter blizzard time lapse video from Connecticut in 2013. Shot with a GoPro it’s a simple masterpiece that shows what looks to be a few feet of show fall. The trees and the table contrast nicely as the weight of the snowfall pushes down the branches and builds up on everything. I figured it might help keep our readers cool on this summer afternoon, or at least remind a few why they should get outside and enjoy the weather this summer!

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GMO Ingredients in Various Beers

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Vani Hari joins Mike Adams today to talk about Vani’s efforts to expose the beer industry and specifically 2 of its largest brewing companies, Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Vani Hari is perhaps better known as the Food Babe, and she’s covered the Shocking Ingredients in Beer before. In that post, Vani points out…

Magnify Your Inner Light
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is a truly amazing and inspiring Master Yogi from India. His YouTube videos have been a personal inspiration for years. I’ve had the pleasure of attending more than one of his events in the US over the years and have always had a wonderful experience at the very least. Many people have seemingly miraculous experiences around him and during his events, as well as before and after them in fairly high numbers.

He’s been a life long practitioner of various forms of Yoga and studies many ancient scriptures and texts. He’s got a pretty amazing book and other media out there, for those interested. In this video, he explains some about practicing Kriya Yoga and it’s many benefits to people all over the world. It’s the science of controlling the life force energy, also known as Prana or Pran, came to us all from ancient India.

My Science, My Religion by Michael Cremo
Michael Cremo is one of the worlds best researchers in the area of controversial, or forbidden archaeology. He’s published a number of books in his career, perhaps his best known work was of the same title, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. In that work, and as the central focus of his career, he highlights hundreds of specific pieces of physical evidence for ancient history being very, very different than we understand.  In fact, there’s is much evidence that modern man as been alive on Earth for millions of years, there’s even substantial evidence that modern man was alive at the same time as dinosaurs believe it or not.

California Counties Sue Drug Makers for Sparking Painkiller Epidemic, Chicago Jumps on Board

Drug Companies Being Sued

Leave it to Russia Today to bring us some great coverage of recent lawsuits filed against a number of big pharmaceutical companies, focusing in on opioid-based painkillers. These highly addictive forms of treatment have contributed greatly to the massive epidemic of painkiller abuse across the US.

Jeff Nielson is a great financial commentator who writes on and has been covering the space for years. He’s well known for his articles and research on The One Bank and many others.

In part 1 of the interview below, Jeff discusses his views on recent events including bailouts, $23 Trillion in money printing, and plummeting gasoline consumption numbers. It’s a really informative interview for anyone who wants some clarity. I think the best quote of the whole thing goes to Rory who now published on The Daily Coin, when he said, “Every dollar that is taken out of the system and transferred into metal is one less dollar of debt that they get to use.

Jump to Part 2


Beautiful Oregon Time Lapse Video

Finding Oregon

Finding Oregon was produced in 2011 by Uncage the Soul Productions.  Most of the footage was taken during a 1600 mile road trip in the month of September. The producers mention that the greatest challenge to making this film was getting the night sequences to look their best. That required the Moon to be in a New Moon phase, meaning no Moon visible. This is so that it doesn’t complete by outshining the stars in the sequence.  Also, Oregon is famous for it’s clouds and rain, so there was that too. This didn’t leave very many nights to get the shots right.

HAARP and Lighting

“In the future, he who controls the weather will probably control the Earth.”

Imagine what power you could have if you were able to harvest the energy to create lightning like the Greek God Zeus, cause torrential downpours that could wash away crops, induce earthquakes that would desecrate a nation, and ultimately become mother nature herself…

Why It Is the Way It Is
I thought this was a great first Sermon to post here from the Temple of Universality in Tucson Arizona. It’s by a Doctor, Leader, Author, and Reverend Darryl Robert Schoon who publishes on and his YouTube Channel, SchoonWorks.

Dr. Schoon is well known for his speaking and written works on topics like spirituality, finance and money, religion, history and much more. You can probably see why we at Truth Seeker Media like his stuff.

From the truly mind-blowing department comes this recent interview between Road to Roota’a Bix Weir and Sean from I’ve followed SGT on a regular basis for some time, and I’ve also seen Bix’s work covering everything from secret, closed gold mines to his coverage of recent financial events.

Gold Bars and Coins

For those who enjoy the Wizard of Oz analogy to our modern financial system, this interview covers what the DTCC is, what it’s secret parent company “Cede & Company” might be, and gets into all the details that surround the damage or possible destruction of all the actual titles to most secularized financial products the world over.  To be clear, that’s about 37 Trillion Dollars worth of wealth.

Law and Governance are aspects of most societies and have been for ages. I’d like to believe that in times past, we didn’t have such a messed up system and society.  I’ve always avoided Court like the plague, having a gut feeling the whole thing was set up to trap you in some way. After hearing this interview, I knew what that gut feeling was about.

By now, most people have heard of for profit prisons, no doubt a big part of the Bankers wet dream world we live in, but this podcast highlights one very specific way that most courts, judges, lawyers (on BOTH sides) all fail you, screw you, deceive you, and do it all without most people knowing what just happened. The best part of the interview, is that they don’t just talk about how deceitful most arraignment hearings are, or how bad the system is screwing all of us. They actually highlight a case that beat the State Attorney and the Police Officer who filed the charges at their own game!  Through Greg’s case, they show that if you don’t loose your cool, are not acting in ways that should get you arrested, and follow a few steps, you can do a lot for your position in Court.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a system that is based on defendants not understanding the terms, jargon, situation etc… is good. I just wanted to applaud the courage, content and efforts made by Greg, Dr. Tom, Freeman Burt and Gnostic Media.

What is Space?

Star Cloud
Space is something that is everywhere, all around us and a part of everything. Most of what we know is space. If we think about the universe as the Earth and outer space as the oceans, both outer space and our oceans account for 70% of the whole. Intriguing. Whenever I conceptualize space, I am always referencing outer space. But space is all around us right here! If we look at a skyscraper, like the Empire State Building as the movie below suggests, we can see that if we remove all of the space from the matter that makes up the building, we are left with actual matter that is the size of a grain of rice, weighing a massive amount of course. That is insane to think about!

Ancient History is one of my favorite research topics. I not only love the crazy possibilities for entertainment value, but also, approaching it with an open mind, I get an immense educational value from videos such as this next one.

It’s called The Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx and the Origins of Man, and I’m trilled to make this post about it. I watched it for the first time only a short time ago, and it covered many ideas I have felt but not heard much said about, and others that were totally new.

Carpathian Sphinx Facing the Setting Sun

It’s written, narrated, directed and edited by Oana R. Ghiocel and features Robert M. Schoch, a Geologist and Professor at Boston University as well as other local experts.

My Personal Experience

Meditation has always been something that was foreign to me. Recently I have read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. The book emphasizes the dis ease we as humans have created for ourselves, arguably with the invention of time. We have carried time around as though it is the shell on a turtle’s back. We are constantly caught up in thoughts about future events and past memories, obsessing about them through constant thought. Whether it’s a concert we cannot wait for that is on Friday, imagining the swarm of people, hearing the sounds of the band, and even the car ride up, or a past memory of a spectacular date on the beach as the sun set breathtakingly over the horizon, these thoughts remove us from the present moment altogether. In doing so, we create a feeling of angst for the future, longing for the past and so on, ultimately causing emotional unease which, in turn, does not allow for our minds and bodies to function at their peak.

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.” Eckhart Tolle

The solution to this, Tolle describes, is to live in the “now”. Other people have described it as the “I am”. The way in which to do so is to be present, trying as much as possible to not pay attention to the wandering thoughts of the mind and instead, to focus on the detail of what is around you, the sounds, the smells, the things that interact with our senses. Meditation, it has been described, acts in a similar way. Through deep breathing exercises sitting or lying in a position that “opens the chakras” will allow for you to be in the present. This is just a very broad description of the two ideas, however, this is what lead me to the exploration of meditation. Refer to the video below.

I think it’s important we kick Truth Seeker Media off with a post highlighting a truly independent researcher and producer of all types of great content, from eBooks to documentaries, Ryan Dawson has been helping truth seekers the world over find pretty solid reporting on issues ranging from Fukushima, and 911 to “the holocaust.”

It’s also a post from Ry that is all about positive reinforcement and looks to highlight some of the people he thinks most deserve it. As many are already aware, and more are becoming aware, it’s not easy trying to shed light on the truth, nor is it easy to critically examine historical events.

A few things Ryan said, I want to highlight…