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Meditation Innovation Yogi Raj

One of the latest videos from Kriya Yoga Master Yogiraj Siddhanath.

Yogiraj Siddhanath:

Practice makes perfect. Keep doing it till you transform all your maladies and your disease into light. Keep practicing until the light becomes love. Keep practicing until you are love only, and you are transformed into Divine Consciousness. The conservation of mass into energy, and the conservation of energy into light, and the conservation of light into consciousness, is the alchemy of total transformation. Kriya Yog is but the medium technique. The main thing is gurukrupa, and to get gurukrupa, you must again and again sit in the presence of the Master. The technique is a channel to guide your energy, to guide the mass and transform it to energy, the energy transformed into light, light transformed into love, and love transformed into wisdom, wisdom transformed into divine consciousness. This is the alchemy of total transformation.

Every man and every woman, and everybody can do it, but we don’t have the patience to sit down and practice because we have other work which is more important. Buying mosquito spray, getting vegetables from the market, buying our nail polish, getting new bed sheets. All these things are important, get the plumber to repair the tap, but the most important is your becoming God.

So, do the Khechari Mudra, reverse your tong and flow in love. Down with the apranic current, up with the pranic current. Transform your mass into energy, energy into light, light into love, love into wisdom, wisdom into Divine Consciousness. The mind will get transformed before the physical body. The most important transformation takes place by gurukrupa the Satguru has to give his chithanya. The technique is the car. The Satguru is the hundred octane fuel. The Spirit of His Nothingness fuels the evolution of your whole being into Divine Consciousness.

Every breath done for God stands to eternity. Every action done for selfish needs perishes immediately. The moment it is done, it parishes, but in its perishing, its material downward pull, it pulls the physical, emotional and mental self down. Within which is trapped the soul of your spirit. And therefore, practice Kriya Yog to relive Givatma from the tramils of the body and the senses and merge it into parmatma to relieve the soul finite consciousness from the tramils of body, mind and soul of the senses and merge it into the infinite consciousness of your supreme spirit.

Even the soul is limited. It is Divine Mind purified. You have to transcend that even to get into pure, ineffable Divine Consciousness. Which is done by (inaudible), regular practice; (inaudible), renouncing material desires; and gurukrpa satgurukrupa. By sitting in the presence of the Master, the virtue of repeatedly sitting in the presence of the Satguru, the Master, is that you get final beatitude and moksha.



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