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Meditation has always been something that was foreign to me. Recently I have read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. The book emphasizes the dis ease we as humans have created for ourselves, arguably with the invention of time. We have carried time around as though it is the shell on a turtle’s back. We are constantly caught up in thoughts about future events and past memories, obsessing about them through constant thought. Whether it’s a concert we cannot wait for that is on Friday, imagining the swarm of people, hearing the sounds of the band, and even the car ride up, or a past memory of a spectacular date on the beach as the sun set breathtakingly over the horizon, these thoughts remove us from the present moment altogether. In doing so, we create a feeling of angst for the future, longing for the past and so on, ultimately causing emotional unease which, in turn, does not allow for our minds and bodies to function at their peak.

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.” Eckhart Tolle

The solution to this, Tolle describes, is to live in the “now”. Other people have described it as the “I am”. The way in which to do so is to be present, trying as much as possible to not pay attention to the wandering thoughts of the mind and instead, to focus on the detail of what is around you, the sounds, the smells, the things that interact with our senses. Meditation, it has been described, acts in a similar way. Through deep breathing exercises sitting or lying in a position that “opens the chakras” will allow for you to be in the present. This is just a very broad description of the two ideas, however, this is what lead me to the exploration of meditation. Refer to the video below.

After watching this video, I began to reach a point in which fatigue began to overwhelm me with it’s weight, slowly but steadily launching me into a sleepy state in which I could not continue to concentrate on my laptop any more. I decided that I would try to meditate, as suggested, lying down. I put on the fan in my bedroom and lied down flat on my back, closed my eyes and began to focus my attention on my breathing pattern. As the weight of my body began to sink deeper and deeper into my mattress, the tension in my muscles slowly dissipating, I began to count backwards from 100. I reminded myself to go slowly, yet without thinking about the speed, visualizing each number as I counted down, 97….96….95…

I continued on like this until I had noticed that I lost track of which number I was on, vaguely recalling that I had left off somewhere in the upper 60’s, so I began again at 67, sinking heavily into a deep level of subconsciousness. I then could vividly make out the entire room, extremely bright as I was looking at the ceiling and the walls. The most bizarre part was that my eyes were wide shut, and I knew this because I could feel my eye lashes of my upper eye lid resting on the lower eye socket and I could feel the suction of my upper eye lid squeezed shut. I then, having lost track of where I was in the countdown but assuming I needed to start counting backwards from 30, began the process anew. This time, with each number that I counted, I could feel my soul slowly start to separate and sit up from the depths of my body. As I continued to focus even deeper within me, my perception began to climb it’s way out of my mind’s eye. I say my mind’s eye because my perception shifted from my left and right eyes to a spot that resided just above my eyes and in the middle of my forehead.

“Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” Paulo Coelho

I pushed my line of sight out of the third eye, and, much like what we think of when we put ourselves in the perspective of a newborn baby being thrusted out of the womb, I emerged, sitting up and out of my body. I stood up, turned around and looked back at my body as though it was a track suit laying neatly on the bed. First part accomplished, I thought to myself. Now it’s time to go explore downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen, a guy and a girl, both of whom had brown hair and of Caucasian decent, stood there apparently waiting for me.

“One second, I’m just going to grab a quick bite to eat before we go,” I said to them, quickly opening the refrigerator door. On the top shelf of the refrigerator in the middle of the shelf was my leftover rigatoni in a Tupperware bowl with a crepe laying over the top of it. I grabbed the crepe off of the top and used it to grab some of the rigatoni and stuffed the French / Italian taco into my mouth, making sure not to eat too much because I didn’t want to spoil the appetite for my body, I thought to myself.

After eating briefly, I looked around and thought,

“Well, now that I’m free of my body, why don’t I fly around?”

I took off and began flying up towards the sky, cruising in-between sky scrapers and thinking to myself,

“Wow, this is lasting for much longer than the lucid dream I had before (which lasted for what I estimate to be 10-15 seconds maximum). This is pretty cool!” I then felt myself begin to return back to my body, and as I woke up, I sat straight up in my bed and said “holy s#!t.” I was full of energy and immediately called up one of my good friends from back home to explain to him what had just happened to me.

As I explained to him all of these details, I began to realize that the house that I thought I was in during the outer body experience was not the apartment that I live in right now. I live in a single story small apartment. The house that I was in was enormous in size, the kitchen was wide open with an island in the middle, extremely large, yet close in proximity to the refrigerator. It appeared as though the ceiling beams that jutted down from the ceiling which outlined the kitchen, was made of wood, a beautiful glossy brown with dark brown earthy strands. The Tupperware bowl, in the apartment I am currently in, actually had rigatoni in it from the meal I had prepared just before the meditation began, only instead of a crepe over the top of it, there was tinfoil covering it.

Once I explained all of this to my buddy, he paused and replied “whoa, that’s crazy dude because I actually just started looking up stuff about meditation but wasn’t sure that it would work.” My mind was blown, because one part of the experience that I was barely grasping on to in memory was the fact that I was trying to send a message to someone. I could not and still cannot remember who the message was being sent to, or what it was about. But after hearing him say that, I was even more baffled and just sat there with an extremely high level of energy mixed with a lot of happiness and excitement, coupled with a complete loss for words. I have since tried to replicate this experience but to no avail. This experience is one that I will never forget, and am still in awe about it. I cannot figure out who the guy and girl were and what significance they had in being there. They did not talk to me, nor acknowledge me being there. The total time that I was in this state was 2 hours, almost to the minute. Watch the short video below to see for yourself what Meditation might offer you.

Video Transcript:


I think, therefore I am not. Only when the mind is silent, I am.

After dimensions, things got a little hectic. There were literally 5 different topics that opened up for me to talk about, and I didn’t know which one to cover. Fortunately, I had this one saved on the back burner. So while I figure out which order to do these next ones in, we can talk about Meditation.

There’s quite going on with meditation than most people realize. The average person will tell you that meditation is simply a tool to help you calm down, when in fact, that’s probably the least important thing it’s good for. We’re gonna talk a lot more about that soon, but first, I want to tell you a story about Robert Monroe.

Now, if you were to read his biography on Wikipedia, you’ll learn that Robert Monroe was a radio broadcasting executive that was researching the effects of sound patterns on the brain, and sleep learning. Then, he started exploring out of body states of consciousness and formed his own company, The Monroe Institute… and that’s about all you’ll learn.

Unfortunately, that’s not really what he did. He learned so much more than anyone today will accept. In fact, he found out more about the nature of the universe than any modern scientist could tell you. The stuff that he has written about seeing and doing out of body is incredible. He has completely mapped out a whole other world. You might think of him as the Marco Polo of the next world. We’ve explored the lands and the oceans, and now we’re exploring the heavens, or the dimensions of consciousness. In his book, “Ultimate Journey”, Robert Monroe goes to great lengths to map out the human mind as observed from a more conscious understanding. This is what he says:

Robert Monroe:

As human minds, we are what we think. We are also what others think. Most of this has little to do with our physical bodies when we go below the surface.


To deal with this more closely, let us create a model of the human mind as it is and operates in practice, as a pragmatic model, if you’d like. Imagine it’s structured in layers, like an onion, and let us work from the in, to out.

At the very core is the Core Self. This is the original human mind, the sum of our experiences without limitation. The inner core is composed of what we have lived and consciously thought to date. The emotions and dreams we’ve experienced, whether we remember them or not, the pains and the pleasures, the daydreams, wishes and hopes, this is our essence, our spirit. It is who we really are.

Above that is the animal sub-self. This is the layer that is the most difficult to control. This is where the filtering, discoloration, and contamination takes place. The problem is that we think we need to rely on it, or else we can’t remain physically human. Physiologically, it is the cluster consisting of the mammalian brain and the limbic system.

Above that is the conscious mind. This layer can be identified as what you think you are, however, it is entirely different from knowing what you are. The reason for this, is that only a part of the inner core is available to the conscious you. Hence, there is much distortion as expression has to pass through the animal sub-self. The conscious mind may be wholly accurate, but in some areas, may give an opposite interpretation from that of your core self. Though much of this layer is deliberately hidden from others, a considerable part is expressed in your outer self. Because it is so strong, we have no choice in this. This layer is also complicated by belief systems. For many of us, the complexity becomes a maze. It is no surprise that most of us don’t find a clear way out.

The next outward layer is the human mind external. This is what we think others think of us. This is a grand mixture, because part of it is intuitive, nonverbal communication, which gets confused with what our sensory and analytical perception tells us. This layer is constantly changing with new experience and new perception. It is also controlled heavily by cultural context. We develop these artificial and synthetic drives and motivations which most often leads to mental and physical dysfunction. Instead of being yourself, you begin to lead a totally reactive existence, which is what many people do. If you allow this lifestyle to take over, it can be a living hell.

Moving outward, the next level is the human mind role. This is like the skin, what you want others to think of you. This is fairly simple, it is the presentation of the self. Mostly it is set by the acceptability and needs of the world around you, superimposed hopefully with waves and pulsing, thrusting from your inner core. The presentation of self is careful and usually covered with a sheen of deception. In hard cases, no signs of the inner layers ever even appear, even under great stress.

And finally, the outermost layer, much larger than you would expect, is composed of others thoughts of you. Consider yourself as existing wherever and whenever another person or being thinks of you, even only occasionally. Living almost through memories, but by creating those memories, they are connecting with you and they do exist all around you. It is because of this that most often, others perceptions of you have little awareness of what’s in your inner core self. The disguise and filtration are in the way. Many people have a hard time connecting with their core self, their spirit. Most don’t even know that it exists, though that is changing.

So, moving on, let’s answer the biggest question here; what is the point of meditation? Well everyone has a different answer to this question. Early research showed that meditation was good for lowering blood pressure, lifting depression, reducing cholesterol, and making physical changes to the brain. These are all incredibly Western views about meditation. There are lots of different types of meditation, but in the traditional Buddhist sense, all of these different forms of meditation all have the same common end result, which was spiritual enlightenment. And through that comes the elimination of suffering. This elimination comes with the understanding of a unity consciousness, which we talked about in lesson 4, realizing the oneness of all things.

See, the traditional intent of meditation is not to eliminate suffering by lowering blood cholesterol or stress, but to eliminate suffering by shifting perspective. Meditation teaches you to turn your attention away from the mundane physical and personal experiences of the world where problems seem significant, and turn to experience life through a broader, more interconnected perspective; being one with everything. The process transcends and changes our sense of self so that our problems seem less meaningful and less troubling. The point is not to reduce the physical cause of discomfort through improved health, but to change the importance we place on that discomfort.

Maybe it’s time to revisit that quote from the beginning; I think, therefore, I am not. Only when the mind is silent, I am. When the mind is silent, you can connect fully with the core self, the spirit, going beyond the conscious mind and the animal sub-self and being in the “I AM”.

We haven’t really talked about things for you to do since Lesson 3 when we went over the steps to animal communication. So now I am going to teach you a very basic meditation that you, yourself, can do.

Start by wearing some comfortable clothing and either sit or lie down and become relaxed. First, focus on each part of your body individually. First your feet, then your legs, then your thighs, hands, for about 10 to 20 seconds each, and just focus on them becoming relaxed. Once you’ve done that all the way to the top of your head, begin to count silently from 100 down to 0. Take your time, it’s not a race. If any stray thoughts come into your head, simply ignore them and keep counting. Try not to get distracted. Once you have reached 0, restart the count from 30 and count down to 0 again. After you have done this a second time, sit in the aura of silence that you’ve just created for yourself. By this time, your mind should be at peace, and you might even have an experience. Don’t expect anything though, just allow whatever happens to happen. Be in the “I am”. You’ll know when you are ready to finish the session.

If you’re going to take this seriously, I recommend that you practice on a daily basis. Ten minutes a night even, it’s all you need, unless you want to do it more. However, the amount and duration is totally up to you. If meditation isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t feel obliged to start.

Finally, let’s talk about binaural beats. Binaural beats were first developed by Robert Monroe and the Monroe institute in experiments to induce different states of consciousness and out of body experiences. They are essentially audio tracks that place a single tone in each ear, slightly different from the other, which actually creates a third tone in your head. One ear goes “wooooooooo” and the other ear tone goes “wuuuuuuuuuu” and in your head you hear “woowoowoowoo”. It’s pretty cool. What this does, in effect, is actually change your brain frequency, putting you in a different mental state. If you google it, you can find Hemi-Sync, which stands for hemisphere synchronization. This is the Monroe Institute’s brand of binaural beats which is very professional, and they have both guided and free flow meditations that will help you get into different states.

The other brand I want to talk about is I-Doser, who are a separate company. They don’t focus on guided meditations, but they’re more interested in the effects. I-Doser has tons of different audio tracks that put you in a range of mental places, from LSD effects, to chakra boosting, to astral projections. There is a reason they call it digital drugs. I know what you’re thinking… “Does it work?!” Absolutely. “Does it work if you don’t know how to meditate?” Not so much. If a regular joe decides to try it out while listening to these tones without any meditational background, it probably wouldn’t work so well. You have to be good at getting into a deep meditational state before you start using these tones.

If you’re serious about trying these and experiencing these effects, it’s almost crucial that you learn to meditate on your own first; get really good at it. A final word of advice, if you are really serious about getting into meditation, join a class. When it comes to meditation, personal guidance from a trained and experienced instructor is paramount. It will accelerate your progress tenfold and you will shoot up to a very high level in no time. And that’s all I have for today, Happy Meditating!

“In a study published in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Social Indicators Research’, researchers were able to predict in advance that a calming influence of group meditation could reduce violent crime by over 20% over an 8 week period. In that time, rapes, assaults, and murders decreased 23%.”

“You are not a human being with a soul, you are a soul that temporarily inhabits a physical body.”


Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe
Tori Deaux
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