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Zero Hedge covered some great background internet information recently. They posted pretty interesting NSA photos of the fiber optics and routes around the world. It’s a quick read for anyone who hasn’t seen the post.  The images have some cool details, like the 12 different fibers per cable and the ability to handle 100 million simultaneous internet or phone sessions.

Global Map of Intent Fiber Optics

Got Fiber NSA Cables

I think it’s important we kick Truth Seeker Media off with a post highlighting a truly independent researcher and producer of all types of great content, from eBooks to documentaries, Ryan Dawson has been helping truth seekers the world over find pretty solid reporting on issues ranging from Fukushima, and 911 to “the holocaust.”

It’s also a post from Ry that is all about positive reinforcement and looks to highlight some of the people he thinks most deserve it. As many are already aware, and more are becoming aware, it’s not easy trying to shed light on the truth, nor is it easy to critically examine historical events.

A few things Ryan said, I want to highlight…