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Beautiful Oregon Time Lapse Video

Finding Oregon

Finding Oregon was produced in 2011 by Uncage the Soul Productions.  Most of the footage was taken during a 1600 mile road trip in the month of September. The producers mention that the greatest challenge to making this film was getting the night sequences to look their best. That required the Moon to be in a New Moon phase, meaning no Moon visible. This is so that it doesn’t complete by outshining the stars in the sequence.  Also, Oregon is famous for it’s clouds and rain, so there was that too. This didn’t leave very many nights to get the shots right.

Photos from the video:

Oregon Coast at Sunset

Crater Lake, OR

Oregon at Dusk

Haystack Rock

Milky Way at Night

Oregon Mountains

Oregon's Night Sky

Windy Beach on the Oregon COast

Winter Mountains

Some of the sites in this video include:

Columbia River Gorge
Mt Hood
Mt Jefferson
Southwestern Oregon Coast
Alvord Desert
Leslie Gulch
Blue Mountain
Crater Lake
Eagle Cap Wilderness
Deschutes River

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