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Ohio Alien Ship
Image of the UFO as it Spins Above His Residence and Shape Shifts

Happening in Chillicothe, Ohio and seen by multiple witnesses, a man says he’s seen the same UFO for two months now. It’s hovered above the area in the day and nighttime. This video is the first footage captured so far and was captured on the night of August 2nd 2014. Just one of the many thousands of sightings annually, stay tuned!

UFO in NASA UStream of ISS
Here’s an interesting video by secureteam10 on youtube.  There’s a possible object that comes into view for a split second in the lower left side, near the edge of the earth.  The footage is from 7/2/14 via the NASA UStream. This is actually their 4th time catching an anomaly like this by monitoring and reviewing the footage.

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During the live stream, the camera cuts to “re-buffer” and a new clean video image appears. The guys at secure team produce some great images highly zoomed in starting at about 1:37 into the video….

My Science, My Religion by Michael Cremo
Michael Cremo is one of the worlds best researchers in the area of controversial, or forbidden archaeology. He’s published a number of books in his career, perhaps his best known work was of the same title, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. In that work, and as the central focus of his career, he highlights hundreds of specific pieces of physical evidence for ancient history being very, very different than we understand.  In fact, there’s is much evidence that modern man as been alive on Earth for millions of years, there’s even substantial evidence that modern man was alive at the same time as dinosaurs believe it or not.