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Why It Is the Way It Is
I thought this was a great first Sermon to post here from the Temple of Universality in Tucson Arizona. It’s by a Doctor, Leader, Author, and Reverend Darryl Robert Schoon who publishes on and his YouTube Channel, SchoonWorks.

Dr. Schoon is well known for his speaking and written works on topics like spirituality, finance and money, religion, history and much more. You can probably see why we at Truth Seeker Media like his stuff.

What is Space?

Star Cloud
Space is something that is everywhere, all around us and a part of everything. Most of what we know is space. If we think about the universe as the Earth and outer space as the oceans, both outer space and our oceans account for 70% of the whole. Intriguing. Whenever I conceptualize space, I am always referencing outer space. But space is all around us right here! If we look at a skyscraper, like the Empire State Building as the movie below suggests, we can see that if we remove all of the space from the matter that makes up the building, we are left with actual matter that is the size of a grain of rice, weighing a massive amount of course. That is insane to think about!

I think it’s important we kick Truth Seeker Media off with a post highlighting a truly independent researcher and producer of all types of great content, from eBooks to documentaries, Ryan Dawson has been helping truth seekers the world over find pretty solid reporting on issues ranging from Fukushima, and 911 to “the holocaust.”

It’s also a post from Ry that is all about positive reinforcement and looks to highlight some of the people he thinks most deserve it. As many are already aware, and more are becoming aware, it’s not easy trying to shed light on the truth, nor is it easy to critically examine historical events.

A few things Ryan said, I want to highlight…