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Zionist Squid on the White House

Jeff Rense of the Rense Radio Network is back with a great interview of Texe Marrs. They cover some obscured topics. Specifically the true ethnic roots of the European Zionist Jews who are also mostly the Israeli’s aka the Rothschild fiefdom. I think it’s important for people to research these topics because they are some of the most controversial and important with implications on the present day situation in the Middle-East. There’s a lot out there on the Khazarian subject, dive in if you’re ready!

Ancient Khazaria


From the truly mind-blowing department comes this recent interview between Road to Roota’a Bix Weir and Sean from I’ve followed SGT on a regular basis for some time, and I’ve also seen Bix’s work covering everything from secret, closed gold mines to his coverage of recent financial events.

Gold Bars and Coins

For those who enjoy the Wizard of Oz analogy to our modern financial system, this interview covers what the DTCC is, what it’s secret parent company “Cede & Company” might be, and gets into all the details that surround the damage or possible destruction of all the actual titles to most secularized financial products the world over.  To be clear, that’s about 37 Trillion Dollars worth of wealth.

I think it’s important we kick Truth Seeker Media off with a post highlighting a truly independent researcher and producer of all types of great content, from eBooks to documentaries, Ryan Dawson has been helping truth seekers the world over find pretty solid reporting on issues ranging from Fukushima, and 911 to “the holocaust.”

It’s also a post from Ry that is all about positive reinforcement and looks to highlight some of the people he thinks most deserve it. As many are already aware, and more are becoming aware, it’s not easy trying to shed light on the truth, nor is it easy to critically examine historical events.

A few things Ryan said, I want to highlight…