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Garbage in the Ocean

Waste Barrels on the Ocean Floor

When we think of pollution, most of us have an idea of smoke stacks of energy corporations billowing plumes of dark smoke into the atmosphere, or landfills of garbage piling up to the outer reaches of the sky. Some of us have heard about the “islands of plastic” that are floating through the oceans. But have we thought about the unseen depths of the Earth in which garbage has been piled for who knows how long? I must admit, before watching this video, I had given it little thought.

California Counties Sue Drug Makers for Sparking Painkiller Epidemic, Chicago Jumps on Board

Drug Companies Being Sued

Leave it to Russia Today to bring us some great coverage of recent lawsuits filed against a number of big pharmaceutical companies, focusing in on opioid-based painkillers. These highly addictive forms of treatment have contributed greatly to the massive epidemic of painkiller abuse across the US.

Law and Governance are aspects of most societies and have been for ages. I’d like to believe that in times past, we didn’t have such a messed up system and society.  I’ve always avoided Court like the plague, having a gut feeling the whole thing was set up to trap you in some way. After hearing this interview, I knew what that gut feeling was about.

By now, most people have heard of for profit prisons, no doubt a big part of the Bankers wet dream world we live in, but this podcast highlights one very specific way that most courts, judges, lawyers (on BOTH sides) all fail you, screw you, deceive you, and do it all without most people knowing what just happened. The best part of the interview, is that they don’t just talk about how deceitful most arraignment hearings are, or how bad the system is screwing all of us. They actually highlight a case that beat the State Attorney and the Police Officer who filed the charges at their own game!  Through Greg’s case, they show that if you don’t loose your cool, are not acting in ways that should get you arrested, and follow a few steps, you can do a lot for your position in Court.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a system that is based on defendants not understanding the terms, jargon, situation etc… is good. I just wanted to applaud the courage, content and efforts made by Greg, Dr. Tom, Freeman Burt and Gnostic Media.