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This is Part 2, for Part one Click Here.

In part 2, Jeff Nielson continues with SGTReport’s Sean and Rory covering possible New World Order plans and looking at allegories and metaphors in pop-culture like movies, The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland and The Terminator.

They bring up some pretty old history that most people in the West don’t know much about. I referring to the Opium Wars between Brittan and China.

Sean from SGT had this to say.

“The British Government wanted to take over China from within using opium and the Opium Wars. That’s what they’re doing now in this country. They’re killing people on the streets. They’re killing young people and they’re trying to get young people addicted to the heroin they bring into this country, so they can topple us from within.”

They also point out how the different power factions of the world appear to be infighting. When talking about Russia and the Ukraine situation and the bankers play in that regard, they mention the shot Russian intelligance too recently when they said 9/11 was perpatrated by Israel, the UK and elements in the US Government.

They go on to out Jim Rickards as a disinformation shill and analyze his concepts and ideas from recent interviews.

Jeff Nielson is a great financial commentator who writes on and has been covering the space for years. He’s well known for his articles and research on The One Bank and many others.

In part 1 of the interview below, Jeff discusses his views on recent events including bailouts, $23 Trillion in money printing, and plummeting gasoline consumption numbers. It’s a really informative interview for anyone who wants some clarity. I think the best quote of the whole thing goes to Rory who now published on The Daily Coin, when he said, “Every dollar that is taken out of the system and transferred into metal is one less dollar of debt that they get to use.

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