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Garbage in the Ocean

Waste Barrels on the Ocean Floor

When we think of pollution, most of us have an idea of smoke stacks of energy corporations billowing plumes of dark smoke into the atmosphere, or landfills of garbage piling up to the outer reaches of the sky. Some of us have heard about the “islands of plastic” that are floating through the oceans. But have we thought about the unseen depths of the Earth in which garbage has been piled for who knows how long? I must admit, before watching this video, I had given it little thought.

GMO Ingredients in Various Beers

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Vani Hari joins Mike Adams today to talk about Vani’s efforts to expose the beer industry and specifically 2 of its largest brewing companies, Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Vani Hari is perhaps better known as the Food Babe, and she’s covered the Shocking Ingredients in Beer before. In that post, Vani points out…