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Ohio Alien Ship
Image of the UFO as it Spins Above His Residence and Shape Shifts

Happening in Chillicothe, Ohio and seen by multiple witnesses, a man says he’s seen the same UFO for two months now. It’s hovered above the area in the day and nighttime. This video is the first footage captured so far and was captured on the night of August 2nd 2014. Just one of the many thousands of sightings annually, stay tuned!

Jordan Maxwell

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Another classic from Jordan Maxwell. In this compilation of various cuts of footage, Jordan shares some information about marriage, voting, birth certificates, Jesus and of course banks and currency.  I like the information Jordan brings up, but I feel like it often falls a bit short. I feel like he should provide more details and wonder why he doesn’t.

One contradiction I found in what he says here, is that on the one hand he acknowledges the farce of “elected leaders” due to the bankers subversive tactics throughout history, but on the other he goes on to almost get mad at the people and say that we somehow allowed it.

I think a good way to live life is to approach it without suspecting everyone, and inspecting every little thing to its root origins. I’m not saying don’t be wise or cautious, but it seems unfair to blame humanity for the situation when there’s enormous efforts to this day at damage control via the main stream media and so many other ways.

I think it’s unfortunate that so many people, banker and otherwise don’t see the error in their choices, but I hate that he insinuates that it’s the people’s fault for letting the theft of the international bankers happen. There was TREMENDOUS deception and subtle attacks fostered on the people over many generations, on multiple fronts, such as media, food, law, rights and even the question of what money itself is.

It’s still great information. As a preview, here are a few quotes from Jordan…

On Marriage…

“Getting married is a business. That’s why you have to have a license to get married. The word license simply means a permit to do something. Which, without that permit is unlawful. Therefore its totally unlawful for you to in any way, shape or form, to have any relationship with a male or a female, intimately, without a license.”

“Your body is a corporation. A company. That’s why when I see with a bad person, I say that person is bad company. Company? And you say, mind your own business. Business? And then I find out you’re going to get married and you’re going to have a partner. Company? Business? Partner? All human relations is corporate business. That’s why you have to have a license to get married. If you’re marriage doesn’t work, you’re not going to God, you’re going to Court, and you’re going to bring your money and all of your assets with you, because it’s just business.”

On Banks and Current-cy…

“Begin to read and understand how government really works. Once you being to see how a bank works, why do we have a bank? Why do any banking? Banks are found on both sides of a river. Their called river banks. What does a river bank do? It directs the flow of of the current-cy. Because you’re money is called currency. Because it’s the ebb and flow of a current. It’s called liquid asset. When you can’t pay for something, then you’re underwater”

On Voting…

“Every 4 years they’re talking about going to the polls. How many people have ever wondered what does the word “poll” mean? Why do you have to go to the poll? It’s like Gallup, the Gallup Company. It’s called a Gallup Poll. Anytime some company is taking a poll, what does that mean? It doesn’t mean that they are electing anybody, you take a poll to get a consensus of what the people are thinking. That’s what a poll is. It’s called a Gallup Poll.”

On Birth Certificates…

“So, it has to have it’s own certificate of manifest. Why? Because it came in on a ship. She delivered the product, on the water, on the high seas. So, she’s now sitting in her berth. So this is why when you were born your mother’s water broke, and you came out as a Maritime Admiralty product, because you came out of water. Therefore, you have to have a birth certificate. A certificate of manifest from the ship who sits in the harbor in her berth.”

On Jesus…

“This is why you will hear Christians who do not understand the terminology and are totally wrong. They will say that Jesus is the cornerstone of the Church. Absolutely not, that’s not what the Bible says. Jesus is not the cornerstone of the Christian Church period. The scripture expressly says that Jesus is the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected, not cornerstone.”

UFO in NASA UStream of ISS
Here’s an interesting video by secureteam10 on youtube.  There’s a possible object that comes into view for a split second in the lower left side, near the edge of the earth.  The footage is from 7/2/14 via the NASA UStream. This is actually their 4th time catching an anomaly like this by monitoring and reviewing the footage.

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During the live stream, the camera cuts to “re-buffer” and a new clean video image appears. The guys at secure team produce some great images highly zoomed in starting at about 1:37 into the video….

This is Part 2, for Part one Click Here.

In part 2, Jeff Nielson continues with SGTReport’s Sean and Rory covering possible New World Order plans and looking at allegories and metaphors in pop-culture like movies, The Matrix, Alice in Wonderland and The Terminator.

They bring up some pretty old history that most people in the West don’t know much about. I referring to the Opium Wars between Brittan and China.

Sean from SGT had this to say.

“The British Government wanted to take over China from within using opium and the Opium Wars. That’s what they’re doing now in this country. They’re killing people on the streets. They’re killing young people and they’re trying to get young people addicted to the heroin they bring into this country, so they can topple us from within.”

They also point out how the different power factions of the world appear to be infighting. When talking about Russia and the Ukraine situation and the bankers play in that regard, they mention the shot Russian intelligance too recently when they said 9/11 was perpatrated by Israel, the UK and elements in the US Government.

They go on to out Jim Rickards as a disinformation shill and analyze his concepts and ideas from recent interviews.