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Jeff Nielson is a great financial commentator who writes on and has been covering the space for years. He’s well known for his articles and research on The One Bank and many others.

In part 1 of the interview below, Jeff discusses his views on recent events including bailouts, $23 Trillion in money printing, and plummeting gasoline consumption numbers. It’s a really informative interview for anyone who wants some clarity. I think the best quote of the whole thing goes to Rory who now published on The Daily Coin, when he said, “Every dollar that is taken out of the system and transferred into metal is one less dollar of debt that they get to use.

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From the truly mind-blowing department comes this recent interview between Road to Roota’a Bix Weir and Sean from I’ve followed SGT on a regular basis for some time, and I’ve also seen Bix’s work covering everything from secret, closed gold mines to his coverage of recent financial events.

Gold Bars and Coins

For those who enjoy the Wizard of Oz analogy to our modern financial system, this interview covers what the DTCC is, what it’s secret parent company “Cede & Company” might be, and gets into all the details that surround the damage or possible destruction of all the actual titles to most secularized financial products the world over.  To be clear, that’s about 37 Trillion Dollars worth of wealth.