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The Great Sphinx

Author and adventurer Brien Foerster, who publishes on, recently published a video in which he walks us around on a quick tour of the sides, and back of the Sphinx showing the condition of the enclosure walls as well as the statue. As you can see from the video, there’s been restoration, but there’s also lots of clear erosion marks.

Ancient Brain Surgery

Ancient Brain Surgery Skull 8

I put together a video of music and 33 photos documenting 19 skulls from a collection of over 1,000, each showing verified signs of ancient brain surgery. I was really fascinated when I  found the pictures in a book in my personal library. It’s called 16th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, J.W. Powell, Director 1894 – 1895. It’s an old Government book that takes historic account of a few active projects at the time of the Bureau of American Ethnology, which was created in 1879 by Congress to transfer archives, records and materials relating to the Indians of North America from the Interior Department to the infamous black hole, the Smithsonian Institution.

Magnify Your Inner Light
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is a truly amazing and inspiring Master Yogi from India. His YouTube videos have been a personal inspiration for years. I’ve had the pleasure of attending more than one of his events in the US over the years and have always had a wonderful experience at the very least. Many people have seemingly miraculous experiences around him and during his events, as well as before and after them in fairly high numbers.

He’s been a life long practitioner of various forms of Yoga and studies many ancient scriptures and texts. He’s got a pretty amazing book and other media out there, for those interested. In this video, he explains some about practicing Kriya Yoga and it’s many benefits to people all over the world. It’s the science of controlling the life force energy, also known as Prana or Pran, came to us all from ancient India.

My Science, My Religion by Michael Cremo
Michael Cremo is one of the worlds best researchers in the area of controversial, or forbidden archaeology. He’s published a number of books in his career, perhaps his best known work was of the same title, Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race. In that work, and as the central focus of his career, he highlights hundreds of specific pieces of physical evidence for ancient history being very, very different than we understand.  In fact, there’s is much evidence that modern man as been alive on Earth for millions of years, there’s even substantial evidence that modern man was alive at the same time as dinosaurs believe it or not.